Baby at the NBA Grizzlies Game

Memphis, TN is a very exciting (and thrilling) city located in the Mid South of the United States. This is the home of the blues and birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll. When you hear Memphis, people will remember Elvis Presley. It is where the King of Rock spent his entire life honing his artistic skills. There are several popular celebrities which Memphis has also produced. One of them is Justin Timberlake, and Megan Fox, to name a few. This place is also popular for Beale St., one of the most iconic places in the US to visit. There’s lots of fun things to do in this street and I recommend every person who happens to be in Memphis to at least take a walk in this area.

Memphis loves its NBA team, which is the Memphis Grizzlies. There is one weekend that me and my family went to see the Grizzlies – which of course who won at that night. They were competing with San Antonio Spurs for the playoffs.

We have packed and went to Memphis from our hometown, Jonesboro AR. It took us 78 miles to get to Memphis. Since this is the first time of our baby going to the ballgame, we were very worried about the noise that may scare him away. Unfortunately we couldn’t get any earplugs for the baby.

We packed his milk in his cup, just a few diapers, his squeeze food from Gerber and extra clothes. Then we’re gone.

We went straight to Gus’ Famous Fried Chicken for our dinner. This was my second time in this restaurant and I’d like to go back again. You need to try their fried chicken or you won’t know what I mean :).

We parked at 250 Peabody Pl, thru the app ParkWhiz. Check out their website at Park Whiz. It costs about $10 for 6 hours! Not bad and not worrying about the safety of your car. This parking garage is just right behind the FedEx Forum. Once you purchased your parking thru here, just show the QR Code to the guys when you enter the garage and park your car anywhere.

Now we’re full and ready for the game. I root for San Antonio Spurs though even our company fully supports Memphis Grizzlies.IMG_20170422_190823.jpg

The whole crowd is deafening and fortunately, bubs is just looking around perplexed ‘why are they so loud?’. I covered his ears with my hands when the crowd goes wild. The people beside us and behind us likes to play with him too.. He even caught the ushers’ attention.

It was a very nice game and went to Overtime. The Grizzlies won 2 points ahead of my favorite team :(.


Even though my team lost, overall it was a great experience for us to see the game together with the baby. I thought it would be difficult because he is squirmy at all times but everything went smooth.



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