Bubs in Las Vegas Day 1

Las Vegas, known as the Sin City, is a busy town full of thrills, entertainment, fun and excitement. It is often known simply as Vegas and the most populated city in the state of Nevada.

We stayed for 4 days on a Memorial Weekend after a business trip. We stayed on the middle part of the Strip which is The Linq. This is just right beside Harrah’s. 

We checked in our 1 luggage and carseat. We only had one carry on which is packed with snacks and his milk. Had a 1 hour layover in Midway, Chicago from Memphis. We’ve flown with Southwest Airlines. 

When we arrived at the Mccarran Airport, we had to claim for our baggage and lo and behold our carseat was left in Chicago! Since it was left there, Southwest lend us their loaner carseat and that made things better. They promised to send the carseat back to our hotel.

So we rode a shuttle from Mccarran Airport to enterprise car rental. From there we also had to ride another shuttle going to where we rented our car. This time we rode a taxi as the temperatures were rising. It costed us about $13. We tipped the guy as well, he is a nice driver. 

Because I had been craving for Jollibee, we went to one in Vegas! It is crazy that this area feels like Philippines. 

Of course I got the chickenjoy with spaghetti and palabok for to go. My husband and friend went on for aloha burger.

There’s chowking as well. Too bad I didn’t take home a chaofan!

And of course, Red Ribbon. I miss Philippines.

Our first day was only dedicated to staying in the hotel. We were all tired from the flight. We went out at night just to see what’s going on. 

So we went outside the hotel and here is what we have seen.

Exotic cars for rent. I think it is about at least $399 per hr. The highroller is at the background.

You may bring your food in this resto and your beer is free!

Booties. Booties everywhere.

The Caesar’s Palace with Celine Dion and the Strip nightlife.

Because we are from the South, we went on and tried the ever famous In and Out burger which my Californian friends kept talking about. It was good! Price is at $8 at least. We will come back for more. Then we went on to Ghirardelli for their delicious and quality ice cream and shakes which starts at $17 per order. 

We enjoyed our first night in Vegas . Our day 2 will be at Grand Canyon. 


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